Who we are

Dog Man Australia was formed by David Kotek in 2015. Having worked countless years in the Dog Industry, David was constantly being asked to assist with issues that people were having with their dogs. This led David to complete the Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training through the National Dog Trainers Federation.

David has also attended numerous Dog Industry workshops and conventions, both here in Australia and overseas, and his expertise in this field has allowed him to forge strong relationships with some of the world’s leading authorities on canine behaviour.

We specialise in

  • Dog Obedience – Including Complex Skills and Tricks
  • Aggressive Dogs
  • Dogs Displaying Anxiety
  • Dogs Displaying Undesirable Behaviour
  • Dog Agility
  • Puppy selection and training plus much more…


David Kotek

David is extremely passionate about training dogs and believes that a dog’s standard will always be defined by the time and effort put into that dog, along with the love and devotion that forms part of the relationship.

On a more personal note, David has grown up with dogs his whole life. David’s parents were the proud owners of a Labrador Retriever, ‘Doodi’, when David was born. David remembers his father taking ‘Doodi’ to obedience school every weekend and this soon became a love of David’s as he would join in the class with ‘Doodi’. David was 12 years old when ‘Doodi’ passed away and this had a significant impact on him and his passion for working with dogs.

Some years later, ‘Sheba’ the German Shepherd joined the family and so the story went on; obedience school on the weekends and the love of dogs growing ever stronger. There were more dogs after ‘Doodi’ and ‘Sheba’ and this only strengthened David’s fascination with dog behaviour and how much happiness a dog could bring to people. It is the pleasure gained in seeing each dog that he trains; along with the love and affection given back by each dog, that was the driving force for David to form Dog Man Australia.

Erina Roch

Erina’s interest in dog training began as a result of her wanting to offer her dog the best life possible. Erina grew up in Germany with her Old English Sheepdog ‘Alfred’. Through ‘Alfred’, Erina and her family made wonderful connections with the dog community they were a part of.  Dog Training soon became a way of life for Erina, and it was this passion that allowed ‘Alfred’ to be part of the many family journeys they made. As Erina grew older, and Alfred departed this world, she knew that this is what she wanted for her own dog when that time came around. A well trained dog that could be taken anywhere, and everywhere.

When Erina arrived in Australia, she met ‘Bo’, an American Staffordshire Terrier. Erina’s love for dogs grew even stronger, and her journey to further understand dog behaviour soon commenced. Sadly, ‘Bo’ passed away too soon. However, Erina and her partner soon decided to embark on the journey of raising a puppy. This is the story of ‘Tuna’, an American Staffordshire Terrier.

‘Tuna’ came into Erina’s life at 8 weeks old, and this is really where the dog training journey took its course. Erina began to immerse herself into all the dog training material she could find. Soon after, Erina and ‘Tuna’ worked with Dave Kotek and it wasn’t long before ‘Tuna’ started to kick some real goals. Erina and ‘Tuna’ joined the North Coast K9 Academy where they quickly worked their way up into the Advanced class, and are renowned as one of the best dog-teams at the Academy. Having successfully completed the Advanced Obedience Course under Dave Kotek, Erina soon commenced volunteering at the North Coast K9 Academy on Sundays. Erina’s ambition is to help other dog owners gain a better understanding of their dogs. Her main goal is to help people connect with their dogs and offer their dogs a life that can take them anywhere. Erina will soon be undertaking her Certificate 3 in Dog Behaviour and Training through the National Dog Trainers Federation.

Erina can be contacted on 0490 106 003 or via email:

Dogman David