“ If you are having problems with your dog, then seriously consider contacting David. ”

Dogman Dave has quickly taught us that dog training is a lot easier than we thought, and lot’s of fun… rather than tedious and frustrating. I thought I knew a bit about training dogs: won blue ribbons at obedience trials when I was a kid. (A long time ago!!). But it turns out I know a lot less than I thought I knew. To be fair, Dave does have a distinct advantage: he’s a magician. But because Dave’s an articulate magician, he’s quickly taught us the tricks – which then seem so simple and obvious. (Why couldn’t I work them out myself?) Dave’s also incredibly generous with his time whenever we’ve needed more wizardry tailored to the idiosyncrasies of our big pup. Dave’s infectious enthusiasm reflects a dedication that presumably explains why we find Dave such great value for money. And one more thing: we really like Dave’s approach to modern positive-reinforcement training… he adopts a balanced practical emphasis that allows bad behaviour to be checked when occasionally necessary.

October 2017

Peter Cowell

“Dave taught us stuff that we never would have thought of”

Dave has been fantastic instructing me on how to train my dog. My 9 month old puppy is training to be a Companion Dog, and thanks to Dave, passed all his 1st stage assessments a month early.

Dave’s relaxed approach, and easy to follow methods, make it enjoyable to train your dog, and your much loved pet a pleasure to have around.

September 2017

L. Watson

“I can’t recommend Dave enough. He has been around the game a long time and his experience really is second to none.”

I contacted Dave with a difficult challenge. He not only gave me the tools to effectively communicate with our dog but followed up regularly to make sure we were successful.

When faced with a return of bad behaviour again recently Dave quickly and accurately diagnosed the causes and offered a fast and effective solution whilst reminding us that long term change takes consistent effort.

We could not be more grateful and recommend Dave highly to anyone seeking dog training.

October 2017

A. Wafer