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Dogman Dave has quickly taught us that dog training is a lot easier than we thought, and lot’s of fun… rather than tedious and frustrating. I thought I knew a bit about training dogs: won blue ribbons at obedience trials when I was a kid. (A long time ago!!). But it turns out I know a lot less than I thought I knew. To be fair, Dave does have a distinct advantage: he’s a magician. But because Dave’s an articulate magician, he’s quickly taught us the tricks – which then seem so simple and obvious. (Why couldn’t I work them out myself?) Dave’s also incredibly generous with his time whenever we’ve needed more wizardry tailored to the idiosyncrasies of our big pup. Dave’s infectious enthusiasm reflects a dedication that presumably explains why we find Dave such great value for money. And one more thing: we really like Dave’s approach to modern positive-reinforcement training… he adopts a balanced practical emphasis that allows bad behaviour to be checked when occasionally necessary.

October 2017

Peter Cowell

“Dave taught us stuff that we never would have thought of”

Dave (Dog Man) is easily the best dog trainer I’ve ever met. I had a completely unmanageable three year old German Shepherd, and within just one two hour private lesson, Dave taught me how to get him under control and the basics of the skills I will need in order to train him and shape his behaviour.

A true testament to the success of the training session is that my dog was SO unmanageable that he had become impossible to walk. He is too strong for me to control once he starts pulling on his leash, and sadly it had become dangerous for me to walk him as he could easily get away from me and hurt himself or someone else. However, after just ONE private lesson with Dave, I took my dog for his first walk in two months this afternoon with no struggle at all! It was like walking a completely different dog! We are both so happy to be out walking again as I know I missed it, and I’m sure my dog did too.

It is amazing how much a skilled and enthusiastic trainer can teach you in a short period of time, and Dave is both highly skilled and enthusiastic. He explains the training process in extremely clear, easy to understand language, and is very patient in answering any and all questions. He spends the time to get to know both you and your dog so that he really understands your needs and your dog’s needs and personality. He is adaptive to the dog’s style of learning and behaviour, very clearly recognising that ‘one size does not fit all’ and that all dogs will learn differently and require different tools.

I honestly wish I had found Dog Man Australia three years ago when I adopted my dog — rather than spending my time, effort, and money on trainers and training methods that did not help — but all I can say is I couldn’t be happier that I have signed up for classes now. No matter which breed of dog you have or what kind of behaviours you want to train your dog to display (or not display!) I would highly recommend giving the Dog Man a call.

Thank you Dave for being such an amazing help, and see you in our next class!


Stephanie Latimer 2019

“I can’t recommend Dave enough. He has been around the game a long time and his experience really is second to none.”

Thank u so much Dave!!! Your status Dog Man Australia says it all. Your high calibre training immediately corrected our husky pup, from serious behavioural issues and biting at 8 weeks old (the vet recommended Dog psychologists and medications LOL).

Our pup is now 16 weeks old and we’ve persevered with Dog Man’s training protocol with amazing success. Not only is our dog thriving in all environments, she’s excelling in her training well beyond her age and will continue to grow into a safe, happy, responsive, DREAM DOG… As Dave likes to say “She’s a ripper of a dog”.

We highly recommend that all dog owners think seriously about dog training, it’s really human training and takes effort and commitment but the results are invaluable!


Andrew. G 2018